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Parents Oasis pride ourselves in making a friendly and relaxing place to share experiences and ideas about all aspects of parenting and life in general.

If you would like to have your say about The Oasis be sure to pop on by the forum and leave us some feedback or you can Email us.

Here is what some of our members had to say about Parents Oasis.

"A refuge from hectic every day life : Parents Oasis is a place of serenity in the hectic world of parenting!"

"Oasis is my home away from home and it inhabitants are fast becoming my surrogate family. I love hearing about their lives and know if I need someone to listen they'll be there."
(Double Delight)

"I love the people that are here and I love how gracious and lovely our Admin is and what a great bunch the mods are!!"

"LOVE it :D"
(Domestic Goddess)

"I love it cos all the members are so friendly"

"I'm not sure why i keep coming back, but i just cant keep away.....
I love the whole atmosphere of the place, the people are so freindly and i always know that there is someone there to lend a shoulder and i dont feel that im being judged in anyway.
I feel as tho i have known most of the members most my life, when in fact its just a few months, and ive not met them IRL."

"it is my home within my home....i LOVE it"

"before i was introduced to parenting forums i felt alone and like i had no one to talk and share good and bad times with.. i have very few people i can talk to around me and not be judged and by sitting here i feel like what i write matters enough for some one to read it. I like that i can "TALK" in a topic and maybe even help someone in some small little way!. Best of all i just like to be able to share in every ones every day life and know some where out there someone else is going through the same things as me.. and they care enough to listen"
(Little momma)

Absolutely love it...Awsome people!!





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